Tenders Archive

S. No. Tender Name Download File Publish Date Last Date
1 Tender for supply of Security Guard in the O/o CCA Bihar Circle Patna Download (4.96 MB) pdf 20.06.2018 11.07.2018
2 E-Tender for Hiring of vehicles in O/o CCA Kerala Download (555.78 KB) pdf 12.06.2018 02.07.2018
3 Tender document for supplying of hired vehicle to O/o Sr.DDG , Mumbai LSA, DOT Download (1.59 MB) pdf, Download (129.44 KB) pdf 08.06.2018 28.06.2018
4 e-Tender For Providing Services of Unskilled, Semiskilled and Skilled Manpower in the O/o DDG Maharashtra LSA Download (326.23 KB) pdf 22.05.2018 14.06.2018
5 Tender extension notice of Hired commercial vehicles of the O/o Sr. DDG Bihar LSA, Patna Download (644.37 KB) pdf 26.04.2018 15.05.2018
6 Trekking/Excursion trips for the employees of Department of Telecommunications Download (1.82 MB) pdf 26.04.2018 07.05.2018
7 Hiring of Light Commercial Vehicles in UPW LSA, Meerut Download (626.38 KB) pdf 23.04.2018 15.05.2018
8 Bid document for Providing Services of Hired Commercial Vehicles in the O/o Sr. DDG, DoT, Bihar LSA Download (94.76 KB) pdf, Download (566.28 KB) pdf 10.04.2018 30.04.2018
9 e-Tender for Hiring of Light Commercial Vehicles for the O/o Advisor, DoT North East LSA, Shillong Download (709.26 KB) pdf 11.04.2018 03.05.2018
10 NIT and Bid document for providing skilled manpower to the O/o Sr. DDG, Bihar LSA, Patna Download (155.63 KB) pdf, Download (556.63 KB) pdf 06.04.2018 01.05.2018
11 RFP for Selection of System Integrator for Design Development Implementation and Maintenance of Revenue Management System for DoT Download (5.98 MB) pdf 27.03.2018 02.05.2018
12 Notice Inviting Tender for hiring of office Accommodation on rental basis for the O/o Sr. DDG TERM, HP LSA Download (545.41 KB) pdf 03.04.2018 19.03.2018
13 Engagement of Retired Personnel as Consultant in the O/o CCA Assam Download (132.4 KB) pdf 13.03.2018 13.04.2018
14 eTender for Hiring of Light commercial vehicles in O/o CCA, NE Shillong Download (899.97 KB) pdf 08.03.2018 05.04.2018
15 Tender for providing services of Hired Vehicles for the O/o DDG TERM MH, Nagpur Download (948.58 KB) pdf 08.03.2018 02.04.2018


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