Phone Priority Division - PHP

  • Work Allocation of Phone Priority (PHP) Division:

    1. DDG (Phone Priority) 

    i) All policy and allied matters relating to service telephone connections (both Residential Service Telephone connections and Office Service Telephone connections)
    ii) Sanction of Service Telecom Facilities (RSTC and OSTC) to DoT employees.
    iii) All policy & allied matters related to concessional telephones for serving and retired DoT employees.
    iv) Sanction of Concessional Telephone facilities to serving DOT employees.
    v) Sanction of RAX connections for DoT officers.
    vi) PCOs & policy matter of publication of Directory Services.

    2. DDG(Phone Priority – II)

    i) Policy matter relating to Telephone Advisory Committee (TAC)
    ii) Constitution of TAC
    iii) Nomination of various TAC members (including Hon’ble Members of Parliament)
    iv) RTI, Public Grievances (PG) cases and court cases relating to above subject.

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