Staff Relations & Estate Division

  • Work Allocation of Staff Relations & Estate (SR&E) Division:
    (i) De-reservation cases received from Cadre Controlling Authorities of DoT.
    (ii) Issue of Certificate of Liaison Officer before convening DPC/ notifying department vacancies. 
    (iii) Parliamentary Committee matters on SC/ST/OBC/PwD. Coordination of references received from NCSC, NCST, NCBC, Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha Secretariat references.
    (iv) Action on complaints/ grievances received in respect of SC, ST, OBC & PwD employees of DoT including CPSEs and matters relating to SC/ST/OBC/physically handicapped in SCT Cell.
    (v) Accessible India Campaign—Sugmya Bharat Abhiyan related matters under RPwD Act - implementation. 
    (vi) Coordination with Parliamentary Committee on Welfare of SCs/STs and OBCs respectively and periodic replies to questionnaire. 
    (vii) Periodic Inspection of Reservation Rosters in Department of Telecommunications.
    (viii) Coordination of Ex-Servicemen representation in department. 
    (ix) Matters relating to recognition of Associations of DoT under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993.
    (x) Policy matters regarding recognition of Service Associations and scrutinizing of their constitutions.
    (xi) Coordination between Various Wings in DoT for Resolution of memorandums submitted by Unions regarding Industrial Disputes / agitations or strikes.
    (xii) Participate in conciliation meetings organized by Central Labour Commissioner in Industrial Dispute cases
    (xiii) Processing of references received from Ministry of Labour on Staff relation matters.
    (xiv) Processing of Compassionate Allowances cases.
    (xv) Retention policy guidelines and residual matters relating to staff quarters and rented buildings of BSNL/MTNL.
    (xvi) Coordination cases for issue of Presidential order and hiring of space for field units relating to land/building.
    (xvii) Liaison with Director of Estates under MOUD matters relating to policy.
    (xviii) Appointment of Arbitrator in respect of Land and Building cases pertaining  to pre 2000 era.
    (xix) Notices received u/s 80 of CPC regarding rented accommodation in field units.
    (xx) Court cases where Estates (Formerly NBT) section comes into picture — routine cases.
    (xxi) Compilation of annual statement for SR/SCT/Estates wing.
    (xxii) VIP references received from MPs/MLAs/Cabinet Sectt. /President Secretariat /PMO/ Lok Sabha Sectt. / Rajya Sabha Sectt.
    (xxiii) Grievances, court cases/legal issues, RTI matters, Parliament questions relating to above points.
    (xxiv) Settlement of claims for Instant Compensation to the families of the victims.

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