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  • Networks &Technologies (NT) Cell

    The Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) have been widely recognised by the Governments all over the world as key enablers for socio-economic development. They have become all pervasive and are transforming our economies, societies and lives.These technologies keep progressing by leaps and bounds to keep pace with the ever-expanding expectations of new services and applications. The rate is so fast that the technological landscape undergoes a metamorphosis
    after every few years.

    Networks & Technologies (NT) Cell of DoT, which came into existence in 2010,deals with policy and regulatory aspects related to new & emerging technologies in the country. The efforts of NT Cell at DoT HQ are supplemented by NT field units which are spread across the country. The primary functions of the Cell as of now include:

    • Policy formulation & facilitation of transition to the Next Generation Internet Protocol i.e. IPv6 in a phased and time bound manner as per NTP-2012.
    • Policy and regulatory aspects related to Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.
    • Policy and technical issues arising out of Net Neutrality.
    • Policy initiatives regarding Cloud Computing as per NTP-2012.

    In addition, NT Cell keeps a tap on global developments in the area of emerging technologies like TV White Space (TVWS), Light–Fidelity (Li-Fi) etc.which are beneficial for the telecom eco-system of the country.


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Net Neutrality

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Cloud Computing

The National Telecom Policy (NTP)-2012 recognises the importance of cloud services in significantly speeding up the design and roll out of services. The relevant extracts of NTP-2012 regarding Cloud Computing are as under.To recognise that cloud...

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