Licensing Finance Policy

  • Licensing Finance-Policy Wing

    • Policy related matters of Unified License,Unified Access Service License, INSAT MSS-R Licenses,ISP "A","B" and "C" category Licenses,Radio-paging. VSAT(captive as well a commercial), NLD, ILD and IP-ii services.
    • Policy matters on Tripartite Agreements(TPA).
    • Scrutiny of application for grant of Access services,carrier services,data services licenses.
    • Approval for grant of access services licenses,carrier services licenses,data services licenses.
    • Policy matter on Merger & Acquisition, CAF and EMF verification,Financial Bank Guarantees and Performance Bank Guarantees.
    • Handling of court cases on Revenue Matters in TDSAT, Hon'ble Supreme court and in different High Courts.
    • Reply on Joint Parliamentary Committee,Public Account committee matters and audit coordination related to Policy Wing.
    • TC Memo and arbitration cases.
    • VIP references and parliamentary question.
    • Monitoring of decentralized licenses which includes Monitoring of Assessment and Monitoring of bank Guarantees.
    • Discharging the duty of Appellate Authority for assessment done by CCA's.
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