Licensing Finance Assessment

  • Licensing Finance -Assessment Wing

    Review if DVR reports

    • Annual Assessment of License Fees paid by the Telecom Operators based on the Audited AGRs including watch on receipt of DV report
    • Review of payments and outstanding.
    • Calculating of penal intreste on delayed payments & recovery of the same.
    • Refund / adjustment of license fee excess paid.
    • Speaking order on Representation by Licensees on Annual Assessment.
    • Clarification / guidelines on verification reports of deduction claims.
    • Checking of affidavit etc. at the times of recovery of quarterly revenue share / LicenseFees.
    • Annual Financial Settlement Of revenue Share / L.F.
    • Safe custody of Performance Bank Gurantee.
    • Review of Performance Bank Gurantees,issue of letters of extension of BGs before
      the expiry of its validity period and invocation in case of non-extension and
      enhancement of BG amount.Disposal of Appeal / Representation received from TSPs regarding BGs.
    • Issue of instruction/guidelines in connection with Financial Bank Gurantees
    • Data Compilation,preparation and submission of Telecom Commission Memo
    • Reconciliation of LF collections
    • Monitoring Of LF collections,GR/AGR figures and trend analysis under clause 19.1
      and 19.2 of LA
    • Providing inputs for quarterly Return of Financial Advisor's (FA) report for Department
      of Expenditure,Ministry of Finance.
    • Furnishing Report on standing Committe on Finance matters / other parliment
    • Furnishing data for Finance commission.
    • Review of receipts from various penalties levied by other wings of DoT/Field Units.
    • Correspondence regarding various penalties levied by other wings of DoT/Field Units
    • Vetting of calculation of penalty in respect of Roll out obligations.
    • Vetting of Assessment of License/Fee/calculation of interest details etc. received
      from AS Section and from other Licensing Branch
    • Audit of the Telecom Licensees under clause 22.5 of the License Agreement.
    • Special audit of Telecom Licensees under clause 22.6.
    • Interaction with Banking Authorities/RCA/Income Tax/Service Tax authorities.
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