Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing

    The National Telecom Policy (NTP)-2012 recognises the importance of cloud services in significantly speeding up the design and roll out of services.
    The relevant extracts of NTP-2012 regarding Cloud Computing are as under:

    • To recognise that cloud computing will significantly speed up design and roll out of services, enable social networking and participative governance and e-Commerce on a scale which was not possible with traditional technology solutions.
    • To take new policy initiatives to ensure rapid expansion of new services and technologies at globally competitive prices by addressing the concerns of cloud users and other stakeholders including specific steps that need to be taken for lowering the cost of service delivery.
    • To identify areas where existing regulations may impose unnecessary burden and take consequential remedial steps in line with international best practices for propelling nation to emerge as a global leader in the development and provision of cloud services to benefit enterprises, consumers and Central and State Governments.

    DoT had sought from TRAI its recommendations on cloud based services in the country. TRAI issued a Consultation Paper on ‘Cloud Computing’ on 10-06-2016. TRAI has provided its recommendations to DoT on ‘Cloud Services’ dated 16-08-2017 (available on its website

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