S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Datedsort descending
18 Finance Compendium Download (2.82 MB) pdf 05.07.2016
17 Guidelines for seeking comments on Standing Finance Committee (SFC)/Expenditure Finance Committe (EFC)/Public Investment Board (PIB)/ Delegated Investment Board (DIB) Memorandums- reg. Download (1.22 MB) pdf 05.01.2018
16 CORRIGENDUM Download (364 KB) pdf 05.06.2018
15 Committee of Secretaries (CoS) recommendations on Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Download (2.51 MB) pdf 22.06.2018
14 Monitoring of Central Sector Project (CSPs) : updating of details on Online Computerized Monitoring System(OCMS). Download (2.48 MB) pdf 17.07.2018
13 Compliance of outstanding para of P&T Audit IR for the year 2004-05 &2006-2007'. Download (1.13 MB) pdf 25.07.2018
12 Procedure to process cases to accord exemption for air travel in airlines other than Air India in individual cases - Regarding. Download (467.43 KB) pdf 20.08.2018
11 Government e-marketplace (GeM) - on Boarding of Non-Public Financial Management System (PFMS) Agencies/Entites (NPAE) on GeM Portal - Opening and Operating of GeM Pool Accounts (GPAs) by NPAE for ensuring timely payments to GeM suppliers/ vendors - reg. Download (2.91 MB) pdf 24.09.2018
10 Business Facilitation through rationalization of the system of Earnest Money Deposit - Ref. from DPIIT reg. Download (2.32 MB) pdf 24.10.2019
9 Format for furnishing information on Gender Budgeting Download (1.98 MB) pdf 06.12.2019
8 Judicious expenditure during the last quarter of the financial year Download (1.39 MB) pdf 10.12.2019
7 Releasing of payments/settlement of bills - reg. Download (243.19 KB) pdf 11.12.2019
6 Ceilings in respect of Office Expenditure on hospitality - reg. Download (1.36 MB) pdf 20.12.2019
5 Cash Management System in Central Government Modified Exchequer Control Based Expenditure reg. Download (1.87 MB) pdf 09.04.2020
4 OM on restricting Q2 expenditure of 2020-21 to 15% of grant Download (1.12 MB) pdf 24.06.2020
3 Performance Security. Download (3.33 MB) pdf 25.11.2020
2 Curtailing avoidable expenditure: 20 percent reduction in controllable expenditure Download (1.1 MB) pdf 15.06.2021
1 Cash Management System in Central Government Modified Exchequer Control Expenditure Management in respect of Q2 of FY 2021-22 Download (3.96 MB) pdf 06.07.2021
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