Staff and Establishment of Accounts Personnel ( SEA)

S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Datedsort descending
399 Allocation of CCA offices to Jr. Accountants Download (670.81 KB) pdf 18.11.2016
398 Proposed RR of AOs/AAOs of IP&TAFS Group 'B' Download (2.73 MB) pdf 30.03.2017
397 Implementation of online recording of Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs) for IP&TAFS Officers w.e.f. 2016-2017 Download (1.14 MB) pdf 07.04.2017
396 Promotion to the Senior Administrative Grade of Indian P &T Accounts and Finance Service Group 'A' Download (247.98 KB) pdf 08.05.2017
395 Appointment of Ms. Kalpana Singh, SAG officer of IP&TAFS, Group 'A' (Staff No. 83086 Batch 1994), in Prasar Bharati on depuatation basis. Download (364.34 KB) pdf 02.06.2017
394 Cadre Review of IP&T AFS - Distribution of sanctioned posts (SAG & above) regarding Download (781.64 KB) pdf 13.06.2017
393 RTI application of Sh. M Sankar Ram dated 10.02.2018 Download (3.45 MB) pdf 16.06.2017
392 Appointment od Shri V. Murugaiyan, IP&TAFS, Group 'A' (Staff No. 83020 Batch :1989), for the post of Director (Finance) in Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited (Bhavini), at Kalpakkam, near Chennai on deputation basis. Download (414.07 KB) pdf 07.07.2017
391 RTI Application in respect of Ms. Charu Narang Thakur, IP&TAFS, Director (Audit), DoT (HQ) presently on leave requesting to clarify the period of attachment. Download (486.69 KB) pdf 13.07.2017
390 Promotion to the grade of Higher Administrative Grade+ of the Indian P &T Accounts and Finance Service Group 'A' in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs. 75500-80000 Download (218.86 KB) pdf 18.07.2017
389 RTI Appeal dated 10.07.2017 by Shri Chiranjit Kolay Download (487.67 KB) pdf 21.07.2017
388 Appointment of Shri Ram Dayal Meena, IP&TAFS, Group 'A' (Staff No. 83044 Batch 1991), for the post of GM (Fin.), O/o PGMTD, Jaipur on depuatation basis. Download (375.47 KB) pdf 24.07.2017
387 Appellate order on appeal dated 28.06.2017 filed by Sh. A. K. Sharma Download (452.64 KB) pdf 24.07.2017
386 Appointment of Ms. Anindita Sen Gupta, IP&TAFS, Group 'A' (Staff No. 83100 Batch 1994) to the post of Additional DGFT (JS Level) in DGFT, Kolkata under the Department of Commerce on deputation under Central Staffing Scheme. Download (370.05 KB) pdf 26.07.2017
385 Posting in SAG post of IP&TAFS Group 'A' in DoT HQ Download (167.71 KB) pdf 27.07.2017
384 Appointment of Shri S. Tarachand, IP&TAFS, Group 'A' (Staff No. 83142 Batch 1995), for the post of GM (TR), Telangana Circle on depuatation basis. Download (371.32 KB) pdf 28.07.2017
383 RTI Application dated 13.07.2017 by Mahesh Kumar Meena Download (468.45 KB) pdf 02.08.2017
382 RTI Application dated 08.07.2017 by Shri Vikas Kumar Download (493.6 KB) pdf 03.08.2017
381 Information under RTI Act-2005 Download (771.14 KB) pdf 08.08.2017
380 Information under RTI Act-2015, regarding disposal of BSNL SEA Letter No. 4-8/2015-SEA dated 12.04.2017- Case of Sh. P. L. Sharma, AO. Download (1.07 MB) pdf 16.08.2017


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