S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Datedsort descending
195 Appointment of Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, IAS in the rank of Secretary Download (374.13 KB) pdf 09.09.2015
194 Appointment of Sh. N Sivasailam IAS (KN:1985) as Additional Secretary DoT Download (268.26 KB) pdf 17.09.2015
193 Appointment of Assistants in DoT Download (479.54 KB) pdf 24.09.2015
192 Relieving of JS(T) Download (433.94 KB) pdf 08.10.2015
191 Transfer and Posting in the Grade of Deputy Secretary - Smt. Jyoti Mathur Download (294.42 KB) pdf 08.10.2015
190 Order regarding Relieving of Ms. Aruna Sundararajan Administrator (USOF) Download (703.31 KB) pdf 29.10.2015
189 Order of Retirement of Sh. V K Nagar, PS Download (1.07 MB) pdf 30.10.2015
188 Order of Retirement of Smt Sarla Kumari, Copy Holder Download (993.93 KB) pdf 30.10.2015
187 Sh. Vimlesh Chauhan, Section Officer Download (413.84 KB) pdf 30.10.2015
186 Order Regarding Additional Charge of Member (T) Download (359 KB) pdf 02.11.2015
185 Notification of Appointment of Section Officers Download (486.01 KB) pdf 03.11.2015
184 Order regarding Revision of Sanctioned Strength of Staff Car Drivers Download (698.11 KB) pdf 03.11.2015
183 Revision of Merit list of SO Download (459.57 KB) pdf 24.11.2015
182 Relieving order of Smt Anuradha Ganesh US Download (469.31 KB) pdf 27.11.2015
181 Relieving order of Shri Rajiv Malik US Download (558.78 KB) pdf 27.11.2015
180 Retirement Order of Shri Surjan Rawat Assistant Download (313.84 KB) pdf 30.11.2015
179 Retirement order of Shri S L Barodia Deputy Secretary Download (433.19 KB) pdf 30.11.2015
178 Transfer/ Posting in the Grade of Deputy Secretary - Smt Jyoti Mathur Download (342.88 KB) pdf 01.12.2015
177 Appointment of Section Officers on Regular basis Download (460.15 KB) pdf 23.12.2015
176 Notification of Appointment of Under Secretary on Regular Basis Download (457.01 KB) pdf 23.12.2015


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