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S. No. ORDER/CIRCULAR NAME Download Datedsort descending
251 Relieving of officers from LSAs on promotion to SAG Download (33.85 KB) application/pdf 12.04.2021
252 EXTENSION OF SERVICES OF SH R PAVANA MURTHY STAFF NO 20793 Download (42.63 KB) application/pdf 13.04.2021
253 Promotion of ITS Group A as Advisor in HAG Plus Grade Download (36.21 KB) application/pdf 15.04.2021
254 Extension of Shri Chaitanya Shukla to FIU-IND under Department of Revenue on loan basis-regarding Download (207.52 KB) application/pdf 15.04.2021
255 PROMOTION TO THE POST OF ADVISOR HAG PLUS Download (60.77 KB) application/pdf 15.04.2021
256 EXTENSION OF DEPUTATION OF MS URVASHI SANGWAN ITS STAFF NO 21266 Download (49.89 KB) application/pdf 16.04.2021
257 Procurement of Laptop/ Notebook etc. for officers of the rank of DS equivalent and above i.r.o. field units of DoT Download (125.27 KB) application/pdf 16.04.2021
258 EXTENSION OF SERVICES OF SH SUNIL KUMAR SINGHAL STAFF NO 20405 Download (44 KB) application/pdf 16.04.2021
259 Extension of timeline- Generation of e-APAR in SPARROW system for IP&TAFS Group A officers for the year2020-21 - reg. Download (1.04 MB) application/pdf 19.04.2021
260 Posting of Officers in JAG of ITS Group A Download (503.05 KB) application/pdf 22.04.2021
261 Webinar on : NavIC-Opportunities for the Telecom Industry - organized by NTIPRIT on 28th April 2021 Download (773.45 KB) application/pdf 26.04.2021
262 Taken of Strength of ITS Group A- Regarding Download (66.27 KB) application/pdf 26.04.2021
263 Promotion to the grade of Director General Telecom of ITS Group A Shri K Ram Chand Staff 8011 Download (53.87 KB) application/pdf 28.04.2021
264 Monthly Summary of Department of Telecommunications for the month of March, 2021 Download (2.16 MB) application/pdf 29.04.2021
265 Retirement of ITS Group A on attaining age of superannuation- Shri Chandra Shekhar Download (60.03 KB) application/pdf 29.04.2021
266 Retirement of ITS Group A on attaining age of superannuation- Shri Hrishikesh Samanta Shri B C Nagaraju Shri Baldeo Sah Download (58.18 KB) application/pdf 29.04.2021
267 6th One year Advanced Management Programme in Public Policy AMPPP during 2021-22 at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali: commencing from 20th August 2021 - Calling Nominations Download (3.42 MB) application/pdf 30.04.2021
268 Promotion of ITS Group A in Advisor Grade Download (742.98 KB) application/pdf 05.05.2021
269 Information Security Best Practices Download (1.34 MB) application/pdf 05.05.2021
270 Taken on strength of ITS Group A Download (752.75 KB) application/pdf 07.05.2021
271 Transfer and Posting in JAG level of ITS Group A Download (1.11 MB) application/pdf 07.05.2021
272 Resignations of Government Nominee Directors after sale of Government stake in TCL Download (393.35 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
273 DoP and PW Gazette Notification dated 30th March 2021 regarding Central Civil Services - Implementation of National Pension System - Rules, 2021. Download (1.16 MB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
274 Struck off order of Shri Sanjiv Kumar Prajapati, Staff No. 20025, from the strength of DoT-regarding Download (37.68 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021
275 One Day Training Programme on: IP Technologies and LAN Networking- Organized by NTIPRIT on 12.05.2021 Download (419.41 KB) application/pdf 10.05.2021


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