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IPv6 Activities

  1. M2M
    1. DoT questionaire respond by11th Oct[PDF](247.84 KB)
    2. DoTCommittee minutes of first meeting[PDF](108.11 KB)
    3. DoT presentation on policy issues[PDF](1.74 MB)
    4. M2M Basic Presentation[PDF](811.89 KB)
  2. National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap ver II[PDF](14.63 MB)
  3. National IPv6 Deployment Roadmap.ver I[PDF](16.28 MB)
  4. India IPv6 Task Force
    1. Over Sight Committee
    2. Steering Committee
    3. Working Groups
    4. Standing Committee
      1. List of members[PDF](11.88 KB)
      2. Minutes of the first meeting[PDF](71.87 KB)
      3. Minutes of 2nd Standing committee.[PDF](74.49 KB)
      4. Minutes of 3rd Standing committee[PDF](60.97 KB)
    5. Core Committee
      1. List of members[PDF](54.73 KB)
      2. Minutes of the core committee meeting[PDF](19.07 KB)
      3. Minutes of the core committee meeting dated 20.12.2011[PDF](27.01 KB)
    6. Expert Group[PDF](93.83 KB)
    7. Service Providers (i) Proceedings (a) Meeting dated 06 05 2014[PDF][PDF](204.46 KB)(204.46 KB)
  5. Proceedingcs
    1. Letters/Circulars
    2. Guidelines
    3. Meetings
    4. Nodal Officers
  6. IPV6 Consultancy
    1. Committe for short Listing Consultants
      1. IPV6 consultancy : EOI[PDF](564.66 KB)
      2. Empanelled consultants[PDF](288.3 KB)
    2. IPv6 Address Allocation Committee
  7. IPv6 Status Across India
    1. Across Service Provider  
    2. Across Central Departments
    3. Across States
    4. Across Application and Content Provider
    5. Across Vendors
    6. End User Equipment Manufacturers/ Vendors[PDF](354.75 KB)(1)End User Equipment Manufacturers/ VendorsDated 21.01.2014[PDF](128.94 KB) (ii)End User Equipment Manufacturers/ VendorsDated 16.05.13[PDF](656.55 KB)
  8. Upcoming Eevents
    Meeting of the Steering and Standing Committee Scheduled on 23rd July, 2014
    Meeting with the Empanelled IPv6 Consultants Scheduled on 30th July, 2014
  9. Knowledge Corner
    1. Presentations
    2. India IPv6 Task Force Newsletter

    3. FAQ[PDF](127.7 KB)

    4. Technical Questionnaire
  10. Work Allocation Orders
    1. Work allocation order page No.1[PDF](408.31 KB)
    2. Work allocation order page No.2[PDF](445.27 KB)

    3. Work allocation order page No.3[PDF](361.95 KB)

    4. Work allocation order page No.4[PDF](467.77 KB)

    5. Work allocation order page No.5[PDF](194.31 KB)