S.No. Order/Circular Name Download File Dated
264 Proposed amendments in Recruitment Rules for the post of Member(Technology), Telecom Commission Download (730.05 KB) pdf 14.02.2017
263 16th post graduate programme in Public Policy & Management during 2017-18 at the center for Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management Download (2.64 MB) pdf 03.01.2017
262 Appointment of Jr. Wireless Officers after regular promotion Download (2.37 MB) pdf 21.12.2016
261 Training program on Social Conflicts Analysis And Resolution Approaches Download (606.11 KB) pdf 22.12.2016
260 Course on 'Gender Sensitisation' (Code-GS-05) for US/SO/Assistansts of CSS/PS/PA of CSSS from 30 january to 3 february, 2017 at ISTM, New Delhi Download (472.7 KB) pdf 16.12.2016
259 Implementation of SPARROW in respect of Officers under control of Admin-II. Download (2.93 MB) pdf 08.12.2016
258 Implementation of eOffice in Department of Telecommunications Download (5.08 MB) pdf 08.12.2016
257 Charge of Liaison Officer- Reservation & Welfare of OBCs in DoT Download (199.16 KB) pdf 17.11.2016
256 Relieving order in respect of Under Secretaries Download (440.66 KB) pdf 04.10.2016
255 Taken on the strength of DoT-Sh. Vijay Kumar, US Download (387.29 KB) pdf 27.09.2016
254 Rotational transfer of Sh. Vijay Kumar, US Download (374.21 KB) pdf 03.10.2016
253 Cancellation of the advertisement for the post of Member(Service), Telecom Commission Download (390.71 KB) pdf 09.09.2016
252 Additional Charge of Member (T) Download (293.04 KB) pdf 12.09.2016
251 Notification in respect of Voluntary Retirement of Smt. Anitha Patheja Download (410.67 KB) pdf 14.09.2016
250 Notification in respect of appointment of Shri Sudhesh K Shahi Download (467.37 KB) pdf 14.09.2016
249 Notification in respect of Superannuation of Shri Narendra Kumar Yadav Download (351.14 KB) pdf 14.09.2016
248 Notification in respect of appointment of Shri Pranab Biswas Download (472.07 KB) pdf 14.09.2016
247 Training programs received from ISTM Download (1.25 MB) pdf 24.08.2016
246 Workshop for Liaison Officer for SCorST-WLO(SCorST) from 20th -21st October 2016 at ISTM Download (3.3 MB) pdf 24.08.2016
245 Workshop on Public Private Partnership from 10th -11th November 2016 at ISTM Download (2.38 MB) pdf 24.08.2016


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